Agency: CEQ

Climate Deregulation Tracker

Agency: CEQ

2019-06-21 CEQ Issues New Draft Guidance on Consideration of Climate Change in NEPA Reviews Guidance CEQ

CEQ issued new draft guidance on the consideration of GHG emissions and climate change impacts in NEPA reviews.

2018-06-20 CEQ Seeks Comments on Changes to NEPA Regulations Regulatory action CEQ

CEQ issued an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeking public comments on potential revisions to update NEPA regulations. The deadline for comments is July 20, 2018.

2017-04-05 CEQ Withdraws Guidance on NEPA and Climate Change Guidance CEQ

The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) published a notice in the Federal Register announcing the withdrawal of its Final Guidance on Consideration of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Effects of Climate Change in NEPA Reviews.