DOE Proposes Repeal of Light Bulb Efficiency Regulation for “A-Lamps” (the Classic Pear-Shaped Lightbulb)

The Department of Energy (DOE) issued a notice of proposed determination that prevent energy efficiency standards from applying to “A-lamps” the “classic” pear-shaped lightbulb. These energy efficiency standards were scheduled to take effect in 2020. This proposal in combination with the recently finalized repeal of standards for other classes of lightbulbs would gut 2020 energy efficiency standards which were developed to comply with a 2007 bipartisan bill signed into law by President George W. Bush. The ASAP and ACEEE estimate that “eliminating the 2020 standards for all light bulbs would cost US consumers up to $14 billion annually…[and] increase annual climate-change emissions by about 38 million metric tons per year…”

The proposal will have a 60-day public comment period following its publication in the Federal Register.

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