Explanation: Agency policy

Climate Deregulation Tracker

Explanation: Agency policy

2018-01-31 BLM Issues Internal Policy to Streamline Oil and Gas Permitting Agency policy BLM

BLM yesterday issued an instruction memorandum aimed at streamlining oil and gas development by eliminating the use of Master Leasing Plans – a tool used by the Obama Administration to protect sensitive landscapes from oil and gas drilling.

2017-12-22 DOI Issues Order to Rescind Climate and Mitigation Policies Agency order, Agency policy BLM, DOI

DOI issued Secretarial Order 3360, which rescinds the DOI’s climate and mitigation policies and directs BLM to review the Draft Regional Mitigation Strategy for the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska and begin revisions to ensure it is consistent with the administration’s energy dominance goals.

2017-06-19 DOI and NPS Rescind Policy for Managing National Parks in Context of Continuous Change Agency policy DOI, NPS

DOI and NPS rescinded NPS Director’s Order #100, which established policies to manage NPS resources on the basis of science and in the context of “continuous change”.