Explanation: Executive Order

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Explanation: Executive Order

2019-04-10 Trump Issues Order Aimed at Expediting Approvals of Energy Infrastructure Executive Order White House

President Trump issued an Executive Order on Promoting Energy Infrastructure and Economic Growth which is aimed at expediting the approval of energy infrastructure, including but not limited to oil and gas pipelines

2019-04-10 President Trump Issues Order on Transboundary Permits Executive Order White House

President Trump issued an Executive Order on the Issuance of Permits with Respect to Facilities and Land Transportation Crossings at the International Boundaries of the United States.

2018-06-19 President Trump Issues Executive Order on the Management of Oceans, Coastlines, and the Great Lakes Executive Order White House

President Trump issued an executive order which revokes EO 13547 (“Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts, and the Great Lakes”) and establishes a policy of using coastal, ocean, and Great Lakes resources for energy production and other economic purposes.

2018-05-17 President Issues Executive Order Revoking Federal Sustainability Plan Executive Order White House

President Trump issued an Executive Order on federal agencies’ compliance with statutory requirements related to energy and environmental performance. The order revokes Executive Order 13693: Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade (signed by President Obama on March 25, 2015).

2017-08-15 President Issues Executive Order To Expedite Infrastructure Reviews, Revoke Flood Management Standard Executive Order White House

President Trump issued an Executive Order which directs agencies to expedite environmental reviews for infrastructure projects “with the goal of completing all Federal environmental reviews and authorization decisions for major infrastructure projects within 2 years.” The new order also revokes Executive Order 13690: Establishing a Federal Flood Risk Management Standard and a Process for Further Soliciting and Considering Stakeholder Input (signed by President Obama on January 30, 2015).

2017-04-28 Trump Signs Executive Order to Expand Offshore Drilling Executive Order Commerce, DOI

President Trump signed an Executive Order on Implementing an America-First Offshore Energy Strategy which contains several directives aimed at expanding offshore drilling. Most notably, it revokes Obama-era decisions to withdraw certain areas of the OCS in Alaska and the Atlantic Cost from leasing and directs the Department of Interior to consider revising the lease schedules for those and other OCS areas to allow oil and gas production “to the maximum extent permitted by law.”

2017-04-26 Trump Issues Executive Order Demanding Review of National Monuments Executive Order DOI

President Trump issued an Executive Order on the Review of Designations Under the Antiquities Act, which directs the Secretary of the Interior to review national monuments that were designated in the past 21 years to determine whether such monument designations contradict the objectives of the Antiquities Act or “create barriers to achieving energy independence, restrict public access to and use of Federal lands, burden State, tribal, and local governments, and otherwise curtail economic growth.”

2017-03-28 Trump Issues Executive Order on Climate Change Executive Order All, BLM, DOI, EPA

President Trump issued an executive order aimed at dismantling many of the key actions undertaken at the federal level to address climate change. The order directs EPA to review and potentially rescind or re-write important regulations such as the Clean Power Plan (CO2 emission standards for existing power plants), CO2 emission standards for new power plants, and methane emission standards for the oil and gas sector. It also revokes a number of executive orders and actions, including: guidance on calculating the social costs of greenhouse gas emissions, an imposing a moratorium on federal coal leasing, and guidance on how to account for climate change in environmental reviews.

2017-02-24 Trump Signs Executive Order on Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda Executive Order All

President Trump signed a new executive order aimed at implementing and enforcing the President’s deregulatory agenda. It calls for the establishment of Regulatory Reform Task Forces to identify regulations for repeal, replacement, or modification, as well as Regulatory Reform Officers to oversee the deregulation process.

2017-01-30 Trump Issues Executive Order on Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs Executive Order All

President Trump signed an executive order instructing agencies to identify two regulations to repeal for every new regulation and to ensure that the total incremental cost of all new regulations is no greater than zero.