Status under International Climate Change Law

  • UNFCCC: signature and ratification (11 Mar 1994)
  • KP: signature and ratification (28 Sep 2001)
    Quantified emission limitation or reduction commitment: na
  • Vienna Convention: signature and ratification (18 Jan 1990)
  • Montreal Protocol: signature and ratification (18 Sep 1990)


Federal Laws on Climate Change


  • Creation of the Argentine Carbon Fund (Decree 1070/05) 5 September 2005 (Spanish)establishes the National Argentine Carbon Fund (FAC) and incentivizes projects within the Clean Development Mechanism (Article 12 of the Kyoto Protocol) for the mitigation of climate change. The Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development administers the program.


  • National Program for Rational and Efficient Energy Use (Decree Law, No. 140/2007) 21 December 2007 (Spanish) to reduce energy consumption and to promote the use of renewable energy in the public sector, private industry and private residences in both the short term (30 days from implementation) and the medium and long term, covering industry, service sectors, education, transport, residences, and the Clean Development Mechanism.
  • Law Prohibiting Commercialisation of Incandescent Light Bulbs (Law No. 26473) 31 December 2010 (Spanish) forbids the importation and commercialisation of incandescent light bulbs for residential use.
  • Regimen for the National Promotion for the Production and Use of Renewable Sources of Electric Energy (Law No. 26.190) 2 January 2007 (Spanish) states that the production of renewable energy is of national interest, obliging that by 2017, 8 percent of all electricity consumed nationally be generated from renewable sources and that the executive implement a Federal Program for the Development of Renewable Energy to finance renewable energy projects for 10 years.
  • Promotion of Hydrogen Energy (Law No. 26.123) 25 August 2006 (Spanish) states that the development and use of hydrogen fuel is a matter of national interest granting the executive the authority to develop a National Program for Hydrogen and authorizing The National Fund of Hydrogen Promotion (FONHIDRO), which depends on the fiscal budget and supervises tax exemptions for firms.
  • Regimen of Regulation and Promotion of the Production and Sustainable Use of Biofuels (Law No 26.093) 12 May 2006 (Spanish) provides a regulatory framework for the production of biofuels, mandating that all gasoline produced and consumed in Argentina be at least 5 percent biofuel.

Forests and Land Use

  • National Glacier Act (Law No. 26.639) (2010) (en, sp) mandates the protection of glaciers, creating a National Glacial Inventory and providing support for climate change policy.

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Environment Act (Law no. 25675) 2002 (Spanish) sets a minimum budget and implements policies for environmental management and Environmental Impact Assessments.

Government Documents

Factual Matters

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