Status under International Climate Change Law

  • UNFCCC: signature (4 Jun 1992) and ratification (28 Feb 1994)
  • KP: signature (29 Apr 1998) and ratification (23 Aug 2002)
    Quantified emission limitation or reduction commitment: na
  • Vienna Convention: signature and ratification (18 Mar 1990)
  • Montreal Protocol: signature and ratification (19 Mar 1990)
  • Cancun Agreement/2020 Pledge: Reduce absolute emissions from 36.1 to 38.9 percent relative to business as usual


Federal Laws on Climate Change



Forests and Land Use


  • National Policy on Solid Residues (Law No. 12305/2010) 2 August 2010 (Portuguese) encourages the reduction of solid waste, sewage, and effluents and the recycling of and reuse of trash to improve sanitary conditions and reduce GHG emissions. It creates standards for the federal, state and municipal governments.

Local, State, and Regional Legislation and Initiatives

Government Documents

Factual Matters

NGO Resources

Secondary Sources


Updated as of: April 1, 2014