Status under International Climate Change Law

  • UNFCCC: signature (12 June 1992) and ratification (6 Sept 1995)
  • KP: ratification (30 May 2003)
    Quantified emission limitation or reduction commitment: NA
  • Vienna Convention: accession (24 July 1989)
  • Montreal Protocol: signature (16 Sept 1987) and ratification (24 July 1989)
  • Energy Charter: NA
  • Energy Efficiency Protocol: NA
  • Espoo Convention: NA

Federal Laws on Climate Change


Forests and Land Use

Environmental Impact Assessment


Government Documents

Factual Matters

NGO Resources

Secondary Sources

Summaries of legislation compiled from Nachmany, M., et al. 2014. “The GLOBE Climate Legislation Study: A Review of Climate Change Legislation in 66 Countries. Fourth Edition.” London: GLOBE International and the Grantham Research Institute, London School of Economics.

Updated as of: December 31, 2014