Status under International Climate Change Law

  • UNFCCC: signature (13 June 1992), ratification (15 December 1995), and entry into force (1 March 1996)
  • KP: signature (10 July 1998), ratification (5 October 1999), and entry into force (7 November 1989)
    Quantified emission limitation or reduction commitment: na
  • Vienna Convention: accession (11 September 1987)
  • Montreal Protocol: accession (18 March 1993)
  • 2020 Pledge: No pledge made


Federal Laws on Climate Change



Forests and Land Use

  • Forest Law (Decree No. 101-96) 1996 (Spanish) requires the sustainable use of forests, explicitly connecting the role of forests in mitigating carbon emissions, and creates the National Forest Institute. The law establishes incentives for reforestation by designating 1 percent of the federal budget to regulating forest activities for 20 years.


Government Documents


Factual Matters


Secondary Sources

Food and Agriculture Organization (2003). Guatemala facing Climate Change. Forest and Climate Change Centro‐American Series. October 2003. Accessible at



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