Lao PDR Country Profile (World Bank)

Status under International Climate Change Law

  • UNFCCC: ratification (04 Jan. 1995) and date of entry into force (04 April 1995)
  • KP: ratification (06 Feb. 2003) and date of entry into force (16 April 2005)

o   Quantified emission limitation or reduction commitment: NA

  • Vienna Convention: Accession (21 Aug. 1998)
  • Montreal Protocol: LRTAP: Accession (21 Aug. 1998)
  • Energy Charter: NA
  • Energy Efficiency Protocol: NA
  • Espoo Convention: NA
  • 2025 Commitment: Share of renewable energy to 30% of energy consumption by 2025
    • INDC summary – includes LULUCF and gases covered (Center for Climate and Energy Solutions 2015)
    • INDC summary – includes adaptation and conditions for implementation (Climate Policy Observer 2016)

Federal Laws on Climate Change

Air protection


Forests and Land Use

  • Land Law (2003) [English – framework legislation that provides for the management of various types of land, including forestry and agricultural land
  • Law on Urban Plans (1999) [English] – determines principles, regulations and measures regarding the management, land use, construction and building of structures at national and local levels to ensure conformity with policies and laws, aiming at urban development to meet the direction of the national socioeconomic development plan (from the text itself)
  • Forests

o   Forest Law (2007) [English] – Creating categories of forests (protection, production, and conservation) and promoting sustainable management, preservation, development, and utilization of forest resources

o   Regulation on the approval procedure for proposed Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)(2007) [English] – regulatory document approving the Clean Development Mechanism as part of the REDD Programme on deforestation

o   Council of Ministers Decree No. 117/CCM on the Management and Use of Forests and Forested Land (1989) [English] – Early forest conservation Decree allowing for privatization of certain forested lands provided that owners “preserve, manage, maintain, rehabilitate forests”

  • Agriculture

o   Law on Agriculture (1998) [English] – Establishing broad principles and regulations for the agricultural sector

o   Decision No. 1666/MAF of the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry on Organic Agriculture Standards (2005) [English] – Setting government Organic Agriculture Standards to promote natural practices and energy conservation in agriculture

  • Water Laws

o   Water and Water Resource Law (1996) [English] – Framework legislation on water management. As part of the act, water is owned by the people of Laos as a whole

o   Regulations on the Management and Use of Irrigation systems in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (1993) [English]

Environmental Protection and Impact Assessment

  • Environmental Protection Law (1999) [English] – General environmental legislation focusing on sustainable socio-economic development, maintaining biodiversity, and controlling pollution
  • Decree on Environmental Impact Assessment (2010) [English] – defining principles and rules, and adopting measures on establishment, functions, management and monitoring of environmental impact assessment


  • Wildlife and Aquatic Law (2007) [English] – provides principles and regulation to encourage conservation, protection, and sustainable regeneration of wildlife and aquatic animals
  • Fisheries Law (2009) [English] – establishes property rights and regulations for sustainable management of fisheries
    Law of Standards (2007) [English] – Providing for overarching regulatory scheme for a variety of industries, which includes consideration of environmental issues.

o   Decree No. 234/GoL on the Implementation of the Law on Standardization (2012) [English] – Implementing and clarifying the Law of Standards (above)

National Plans, Programs and Initiatives

Local, State, and Regional Legislation and Initiatives

Government Documents

Additional Resources

Updated as of: 12 March, 2015