Status under International Climate Change Law

  • 2030 Commitment: Peak emissions by 2026; 22% emissions reduction compared to business-as-usual in 2030.

Federal Laws on Climate Change



Forests and Land Use

  • General Law for Sustainable Forest Development (13 December 2002) to seek to regulate and promote the conservation, protection, restoration, production, organization, agricultural activity, and management of Mexico’s forests in order to secure sustainable forest development.


  • Accelerated Depreciation for Investments with Environmental Benefits (2005) to establish that investments in environmentally friendly technologies, including renewable energy, could profit from accelerated depreciation.
  • General Law of Ecological Equilibrium and Environmental Protection (1 March 1998) to promote the preservation and restoration of ecological balance and environmental protection in Mexico.

Government Documents

Secondary Sources 

José Juan González Marquez, Mexico, in CLIMATE CHANGE LIABILITY, 627-49 (Richard Lord, et al. eds., Cambridge University Press 2011)

Updated as of: December 2013