Puerto Rico

1)  Status under International Climate Change Law

  • Not Applicable.

2)  Puerto Rico’s Laws on Climate Change

A) Air Protection:
  • Selling of CFC’s Act [12 L.P.R.A. §1330-1330(d)]
B) Energy:
  • Green Building Act [22 L.P.R.A. §1021–1026]
  • Net Metering Program Act [22 L.P.R.A. §1012-1018]
  • Public Policy on Energy Diversification by Means of Sustainable and Alternative Renewable Energy in Puerto Rico Act [12 L.P.R.A. §8121–8136]
    1. Note: Repealed the Act to Set Forth the Public Policy on Global Warming in Puerto Rico [Act No. 246 of August 10, 2008]
  • Light Pollution Control and Prevention Program Act [12 L.P.R.A. §8031-8038]
  • Renewable Energy Development Act [12 L.P.R.A. §416-417]
C) Forests:
  • Unification of State Forests Act [12 L.P.R.A. §135–140]
D) Environmental Impact Assessment:
  • Act for the Protection, Conservation and Management of the Coral Reefs in Puerto Rico [12 L.P.R.A. §241-241(g)]
E) Other:
  • Puerto Rico Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling Act [12 L.P.R.A. §1320-1320(u)]
  • Sustainable Development Public Policy Act [23 L.P.R.A. §501-508]
  • Puerto Rico Sustainable Tourism Development Public Policy Act [23 L.P.R.A. §6313-6325]

3)   Secondary Sources

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