Status under International Climate Change Law

  • UNFCCC: signature (10 June 1992) and ratification (18 August 1998)
  • KP: ratification (22 July 2004)
  • Quantified emission limitation or reduction commitment: NA 
  • Vienna Convention: accession (11 Oct 2001)
  • Montreal Protocol: accession (11 Oct 2001)
  • Energy Charter: NA
  • Energy Efficiency Protocol: NA
  • Espoo Convention: NA

Federal Laws on Climate Change

Air protection

Forests and Land Use


Government Documents

Factual Matters

Summaries of legislation compiled from Nachmany, M., et al. 2014. “The GLOBE Climate Legislation Study: A Review of Climate Change Legislation in 66 Countries. Fourth Edition.” London: GLOBE International and the Grantham Research Institute, London School of Economics.

Updated as of: January 8, 2015