Status under International Climate Change Law

  • UNFCCC: signature (12 June 1992), ratification (28 December 1994), and entry into force (28 March 1995)
  • KP: ratification (18 February 2005), and entry into force (19 May 2005)
    • Quantified emission limitation or reduction commitment: NA
  • Vienna Convention: accession (1 September 1988)
  • Montreal Protocol: accession (6 February 1989)

Federal Laws on Climate Change


  • Law of Socio-Natural and Technological Risks (9 January 2009 (Spanish) creates a special commission titled the National Advisory Board of Sociocultural and Technological Risk Management, which is responsible for directing the creation of a National Plan of Adaption to Climate Change. The Plan is intended to evaluate Venezuela’s vulnerabilities to climate change and to propose strategies to adapt.


  • Organic Law of the Environment (Law No. 5833) 12 December 2006 (Spanish) provides a framework for sustainable development and aims to support environmental security and human wellbeing. An article includes climate change mitigation by citing the government’s authority to regulate industries and technologies that emit gases that contribute to climate change.

Government Documents

Factual Matters

Secondary Sources

Gutiérrez, Alba Marina. “Venezuela: proyecto de ley sobre cambio climático presente en la agenda legislativa.” 3 February 2012. Accessible at

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