State AG Environmental Action Database

The Sabin Center has partnered with to develop a database of environmental actions undertaken by state attorneys general as they seek to advance environmental law and policy objectives within their jurisdictions. The database includes legal actions initiated by state attorneys general against the federal government, private actors, and other public entities; defensive actions taken in support of federal and state rules; amicus briefs; regulatory petitions and other forms of participation in administrative proceedings; legislative inputs (e.g., congressional testimony and bill proposals); and other types of interventions.

The database includes some of the major and innovative actions aimed at advancing the ball on environmental law and policy. It does not encompass all of the routine enforcement actions undertaken by state attorneys general.

You can search the database by:


Type of Action:


Please note that this database is still under development. You can contact Jessica Wentz,, with any recommended additions to the database.

We would like to thank the following Columbia students for their contribution to this project: Dane Warren, Liam Hancock, Lee Rarick, Eddy Brandt, Zach Piaker, Alexander Peerman, Charlotte Collins, Catalina Villegas, Maia Hutt, and Allison Villegas Roman.