Topic: Solid & Hazardous Waste

2016-03-11 Hanford Site Nuclear Waste Clean-Up Solid & Hazardous Waste Lawsuit vs. Federal Government

Oregon and Washington AGs filed multiple lawsuits against the Department of Energy (DOE) concerning the cleanup and processing of nuclear waste stored in Hanford, Washington.

Oregon, Washington
2015-12-01 Ventura County and State of California v. Santa Clara Waste Water Solid & Hazardous Waste Criminal Case

Joint prosecution between the State of California and the County of Ventura against Santa Clara Waste Water, its parent company, and individual employees for criminal violations stemming from hazardous waste disposal.

2015-01-07 Tennessee Dept. of Envt. & Conservation v. TVA Solid & Hazardous Waste, Water Pollution Lawsuit vs. Federal Government

Tennessee attorney general filed lawsuit against TVA alleging that a power plant was contaminating water sources.

2013-08-13 In re Aiken County Energy, Solid & Hazardous Waste Lawsuit vs. Federal Government

Washington and South Carolina AGs pursued mandamus action to force the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to proceed with the licensing process of Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste repository.

South Carolina, Washington
2006-07-03 Pakootas v. Teck Cominco Metals, Ltd. Natural Resources, Solid & Hazardous Waste, Water Pollution Amicus Brief, Lawsuit vs. Private Actors

Washington State intervened and multiple states submitted Amicus Briefs in lawsuit filed by Native American tribe against Canadian smelting company for polluting the Columbia River and Lake Roosevelt.

Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington