Type: Other

2016-12-22 At-Home Drug Disposal Kits Water Pollution Other

Connecticut AG partnered with other government and private entities to provide kits for the safe disposal of prescription medication, one goal being to reduce water pollution.

2016-10-01 Amendments to Proposition 65 Regulations Pesticides & Toxics Other

California Attorney General amended regulations under Proposition 65, a California disclosure law related to exposure to toxic chemicals.

2016-05-18 Green 20 State AG Coalition Climate Change Mitigation Other

Group of 17 state AGs and Former Vice President Al Gore announced a coalition of states committed to taking creative steps to combat climate change, including investigations into fossil fuel companies and climate-related disclosures.

California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, U.S. Virgin Islands, Vermont, Virginia, Washington
2015-09-03 Michigan Petroleum Pipeline Task Force Energy, Natural Resources Other

Michigan AG convened the Michigan Petroleum Pipeline Task Force to investigate the safety of the Straits pipelines.