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Agency: ND

2019-01-14 Bill Allowing Teachers to Question Proven Scientific Theories Introduced in North Dakota ND, State Interference with Education Climate, Other

A bill was introduced in the North Dakota legislature that would, if enacted, prevent teachers being prohibited from discussing “the strengths and weaknesses” of any scientific theory. Critics say this will undermine science education by giving teachers greater scope to question proven scientific theories and/or discuss alternative concepts that have been discredited or are unproven.

2017-06 Climate Science Misrepresented by North Dakota Mayor Local Govt., ND, State Bias and Misrepresentation Climate

During a radio interview, Howard Klug, the Mayor of Williston, North Dakota, questioned whether climate change is real. Mayor Klug then asserted that human activities, including the development and use of fossil fuels, have little impact on the climate. He argued that there is no need to restrict fossil fuel development as the “world . . . can heal itself.”