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Agency: OH

2019-04-03 Medical Science Misrepresented in Ohio Abortion Bill OH, State Bias and Misrepresentation Other

A bill intended to limit insurance coverage for abortion was introduced into the Ohio legislature. The bill endorses a non-existent procedure for ectopic pregnancies that has never been performed and is not medically viable.

2018-05-11 Scientific Findings of Environment Agency Questioned by Ohio Governor OH, State Bias and Misrepresentation Other

Ohio Governor John Kasich questioned scientific data showing poor water quality in Lake Erie. Based on the data, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency concluded that the lake’s waters are impaired, but the Governor disputed that finding.

2018-02 Change to Science Education Standards Proposed in Ohio OH, State Interference with Education Other

A member of the Ohio Board of Education, Sarah Fowler, proposed adding an “overarching content statement” to the state’s new science education standards. The statement emphasizes that “scientific conclusions are necessarily based upon philosophical assumptions,” which is an argument often used to challenge the teaching of evolution. Critics assert that, if the statement is added to the standards, it may encourage teachers to present the unproven theory of “intelligent design” as an alternative to evolution.