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Silencing Science Tracker

Agency: OK

2017-12-08 Oklahoma Health Department Staff Laid Off OK, State Personnel Changes Other

Following discovery of a $30 billion budget gap, the Oklahoma Department of Health announced that it would lay off 198 staff, and would be unable to fill existing open positions, including several in the epidemiology department.

2017-04-19 Climate Science Misrepresented by Oklahoma Attorney General OK, State Bias and Misrepresentation Climate

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter filed an amicus brief in Exxon Mobil v. Schneiderman. The brief questions the scientific consensus on climate change and the conclusion that it will be “sufficiently dangerous to require urgent policy responses.”

2017-04-11 Funding for Oklahoma Science Fair Eliminated OK, State Budget Cuts, Interference with Education Other

The Oklahoma Science and Engineering Fair, and several regional science fairs, are to be cancelled in 2018 due to a lack of funding from the state government.

2017-02-06 Bill to Close State Environmental Laboratory Introduced in Oklahoma OK, State Personnel Changes Other

A bill was introduced in the Oklahoma Legislature that would, if enacted, require closure of the State Environmental Laboratory. The laboratory is currently responsible for testing the state’s 1,700 public water supply systems.

2017-02-06 Bill Undermining Science Education Introduced in Oklahoma OK, State Interference with Education Climate, Other

A bill was introduced in the Oklahoma Senate that would, if enacted, prevent teachers being prohibited from discussing “the strengths and weaknesses” of any scientific theory. Critics say this will undermine science education, giving teachers greater scope to question proven scientific theories, and/or present alternative concepts that have been discredited or are unproven.