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Silencing Science Tracker

Agency: US HHS

2018-02-12 NIH Budget Cuts Proposed for FY19 US HHS Budget Cuts Other

The Trump administration’s FY2019 budget proposes to maintain funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) at FY2017 levels, despite imposing additional responsibilities on the NIH, including establishing three new sub-institutes to take over functions currently performed by other HHS offices.

2017-12-14 CDC Staff Given List of Forbidden Words US HHS Government Censorship Other

CDC policy analysts were given a list of 7 words, including “evidence-based” and “science-based,” which should not be used in documents prepared for next year’s budget.

2017-12 FDA Food Advisory Committee Disbanded US HHS Personnel Changes Other

The food advisory committee, the only body dedicated to advising the Food and Drug Administration on food-related science policy, was disbanded.

2017-09 Database of Science-Based Programs Suspended by HHS US HHS Government Censorship Other

HHS suspended the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices which lists addiction and mental health programs that have been independently assessed and deemed scientifically sound.

2017-08-31 CDC Employees Prevented from Speaking to Reporters US HHS Government Censorship Other

CDC employees were instructed not to speak with any member of the news media, regardless of the nature of their inquiry, without the approval of the communications office.

2017-07 Research Grants Cancelled by HHS US HHS Budget Cuts Other

HHS cancelled $213.6 million in funding for teen pregnancy prevention programs and research. The cancellation will affect five-year grants awarded to 80 institutions by the Obama administration.

2017-07 References to “Climate Change” Removed from NIH Website US HHS Government Censorship Climate

References to “climate change” and links to climate-related documents, including an educational fact sheet on climate change and human health, were removed from the National Environmental Health Sciences website.

2017-05-23 NIH’s FY18 Budget Cut by Trump Administration US HHS Budget Cuts Other

The Trump administration’s FY2018 budget proposed a 25% cut in funding for research programs at NIH’s National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

2017-01 CDC Climate Change Summit Cancelled US HHS Self-Censorship

CDC preemptively cancelled a planned summit on climate change and public health due to concerns about the Trump administration’s reaction.

2017-01 Public Communication by HHS Staff Restricted US HHS Government Censorship Other

The Trump transition team instructed HHS staff not to send out press releases, post on social media or blogs, or update websites and to consult with senior officials before speaking to the media.