Bill Restricting Teaching of Climate Change Introduced in Connecticut

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Bill Restricting Teaching of Climate Change Introduced in Connecticut

On January 24, 2019, a bill (HB 5995) was introduced in the Connecticut legislature that would, if enacted, “eliminate climate change materials from the Department of Education’s adopted Next Generation Science Standards.” This would, in effect, result in climate change being removed from the science curriculum in Connecticut. The bill’s sponsor, Representative John Piscopo, asserts that this is appropriate because climate change is a “controversial area” that is yet to be proven.

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  • Victoria Lundy says:

    They should call this the “fiddling while Rome burns” bill.

  • Heidi Staneslow says:

    Connecticut has been one of the few sane, rational states in regards to health and science education of our youth. Don’t ruin that! I’m a Connecticut citizen ( and tax payer) who thinks this will set us back, and set our students back.

  • Sharon Salinas says:

    There is not only numerous peer reviewed science supporting climate change but also the overwhelming consensus among scientists that climate change is real. By preventing our children from learning about the issues we face today we rob them of the opportunity to be part of the solution tomorrow. This bill is wreckless and irresponsible.

    • Meg says:

      I agree!! He is completely out of touch as 45. This bill is reckless and absurd, especially with the overwhelming response scientists have shown. If there should be a bill on climate change , it should be a tax on those who choose to contribute to the problem than trying to help find a solution. More reason this representative needs to go. His solutions are from the dark ages…

    • J. Richard Fowler says:

      But, the Rethuglikkkan Luddites eschew science. And, Piscopo represents ALEC and the Koch Brothers agenda.

  • susan tausta says:

    Every possible respected scientist- you know the ones that study this topic in depth for many years- agrees that climate change is happening and it is caused by humans. It is not controversial except for people who want to make money on lies and coverups. Be smart and allow our children to learn truth and scientific process. The idea that we don’t teach current thought even if some people think it is controversial is absurd.

  • Georgette Ly says:

    Climate change is real science effecting all of us.
    Leave science in the science class. Teach political opinions in civics. Along eith difference between science and unfounded opinions.

  • Desertphile says:

    Good bloody gods. HUMAN-CAUSED CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOT “CONTROVERSIAL!” Why is it that anyone and everyone can tell a Republican Party politician by their rejection of demonstrable facts? Why does that not tell voters anything?!

    For over 180 years scientists have been demonstrating that increased atmospheric CO2 causes global temperature increase. Among them, Joseph Fourier in 1824 and 1827; Eunice Foote in 1856; John Tyndall in 1859; Svante Arrhenius in 1896; C.J. Fox in 1909; John Henry Poynting in 1909; A. Angstron in 1918; Chamberlain and Fowle in 1916; Alexander Graham Bell in 1917; E.O. Hulburt in 1931; S.G. Callendar in 1937; Professor Gilbert Plass in 1956; Carl Sagan in 1972; Stephen Hawking in 1960; Isaac Asimov in 1968; Wally Broecker in 1975; Richard Feynman and “The Jasons” in 1979; and over 660 science organization in 35 countries with one dissent. Science won; brainwashed Free Market Justice Warriors lost.

  • Ed Minch says:

    Ask our military what they are doing about climate change, especially the Navy. Oh, and they are using your tax dollars, so you deniers might want to try to stop them from wasting money.

  • Tina Rhea says:

    Why not stop teaching that the Earth is round? There are a few reality-denying people that disagree with that too. Come on, get real. We’ve been keeping records for about 150 years, and the five hottest years have been the last five years. Each of the last five or six decades has been hotter than the one before. The data keep piling up, and they all point in the same direction. No reputable scientist can deny that the global climate is changing.

  • Wesley D. Stoner says:

    …and the earth is flat and only 5000 years old, vaccines are harmful, species were created, they do not “evolve”, giving the rich our money will somehow make us rich too! Yay!!!

  • K Caine says:

    Let’s not kid ourselves. Politicians know that man made climate change is real . They are more focused on saving the oil and coal industry and, in all fairness, jobs.
    Too bad, because there are no “do overs” once the fragile ecosystems of the Earth are destroyed. Already extreme weather is causing massive destruction right here in United States. I can only assume these politicians don’t care about their children and grandchildren who will have to try to survive in the world they knowingly destroyed.

  • LB says:

    Piscopo is about to go down because of this

    • J. Richard Fowler says:

      Piscopo has been entrenched for over 30 years! Not because he is a great and effective representative of his District, but because most of his blue-collar and elderly Rethuglikkkan supporters know nothing else, and are too lazy and ignorant to think critically.

  • EN says:

    Farmington High School’s entire science department used to be made up of creationists, and that is a top ten school. They also got rid of the Civil War and anything prior in the high school curriculum because the department chair didn’t believe it was caused by slavery. While this THINKING does not surprise me, said movement by the State Legislature would. Thankfully the lawmakers have a majority of sane thinkers. Go peddle your wares elsewhere, Piscipo. CT ain’t got time for your brand of nonsense.

  • LAS Danbury says:

    Yes let’s just put blinders on and take a nap! Democracy at its worst, the arrogance of denying science to my high schooler, I think not.

  • Richard Sanderson says:

    Another bill, No. 5011, was also introduced in CT that seeks to “include the teaching of climate change in the school curriculum for the public schools.” The bill eliminating climate change from the standards was referred to the Joint Committee on Environment, while No. 5011 was referred to the Joint Committee on Education, which seems like the most appropriate place to debate a bill relating to the public schools.

  • DAVE CARR says:

    It’s quite disturbing to propose legislation withholding scientific consensus from children considering the existing research and recent extreme weather events across the world. My website presents a variety of factual resources and discussion of CCDA- Climate Change Denial Syndrome . We must all work to protect the world for our posterity

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