Resolution Undermining Teaching of Climate Change Introduced in Virginia

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Resolution Undermining Teaching of Climate Change Introduced in Virginia

On February 9, 2019, a resolution (HJ 684) was pre-filed in the Virginia legislature that could, if adopted, undermine the teaching of climate change in public schools. HJ 684 is purportedly aimed at preventing “political or ideological indoctrination” of school children. It would encourage the Virginia State Board of Education to adopt rules that, among other things, prevent public elementary and secondary school teachers from “[a]dvocat[ing] for any issue that is part of a political party platform at the national, state, or local level.” Science education groups and others have expressed concern that this could limit teachers’ ability to discuss climate change, which is dealt with in the federal Democratic party platform and a number of state platforms.

Bills requiring the adoption of rules similar to those specified in HJ 684 have also been introduced in ArizonaMaine, and South Dakota.

UpdateOn February 5, 2017, the Virginia House Rules Subcommittee #1 voted in favor of “passing [HJ 684] by indefinitely.” As a result of the vote, HJ 684 will not move forward.
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  • Rachel says:

    Why would a state legislative branch prefer to keep citizens in the dark about the dangers our environment is causing? Additionally, legislators deny people healthcare, and yet they exposes everyone to tremendous harm!

    I fail to see any logic or humanity in that evil theory at all. So I need to find out who sponsored and voted for this hideous bill and vote their asses out!

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