Climate Change Report Removed from Alaska DEC Website

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Climate Change Report Removed from Alaska DEC Website

In December 2018, one day after new Alaska Governor¬†Mike Dunleavy took office, the¬†state Department of Environmental Conservation deleted a key climate change report from its website. The report, titled “Climate Change Policy Recommendations to the Governor,” was prepared by the Climate Action for Alaska Leadership Team. The Leadership Team was established in October 2017 by then Alaska Governor Bill Walker to “create[] climate change policy recommendations¬†. . . for Alaska.” Those recommendations were set out in the deleted report, which included a detailed plan for addressing climate change impacts in Alaska.

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  • Steve Stine says:

    There is a blatant attempt at silencing climate change throughout Alaska.
    State, Feds and oil industries are to blame.
    Public Media in AK is funded by BP, Conoco Phillips and Exxon…
    More stories in media on “cold snaps” than year long warming trends.
    Rivers are not freezing until mid January….over a month later than “normal”.
    Thanks for your work!

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