Climate Science Misrepresented by Kentucky Governor

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Climate Science Misrepresented by Kentucky Governor

In a tweet on January 5, 2018, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin appeared to suggest that recent cold weather disproved the existence of climate change. Citing cold weather across much of the U.S., Governor Bevin tweeted that “Trump has been in office 1 year and has already fixed global warming.” The text was superimposed over a weather map showing frigid temperatures gripping much of the country.

Governor Bevin’s statements were criticized by scientists, who argue that they are contradicted by previous research. Pointing to that research, the scientists emphasized that cold weather is expected to occur even in a warming world, and that climate change is likely to contribute to more extreme cold weather events.

UpdateOn January 9, 2018, Governor Bevin told reporters that the tweet was intended as a joke. At the same time, however, he questioned whether humans are responsible for climate change.


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