Climate Science Misrepresented by North Dakota Mayor

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Climate Science Misrepresented by North Dakota Mayor

In an interview with Public Radio International in June 2017, Howard Klug, the Mayor of Williston, North Dakota, questioned the scientific consensus on climate change. In response to a question about climate change, Mayor Klug reportedly asked “climate change, is it real?” He then continued:

“There are things we need to do better in our country to make sure pollution standards, and the standards that may affect climate change, are regulated somewhat. But in the same light, it’s a big planet, we’ve been around here a long time, things have changed over the eons. I don’t believe that what we’re doing out here in western North Dakota, to mine the energy and those kinds of things, is affecting the climate.”

Later in the interview, when asked whether he “buys” scientists’ argument about the need to reduce carbon emissions, Mayor Klug said: “I buy it in a way.” He continued: “We’ve got a big world, and it’s healed itself, it can heal itself, I really believe that.”

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