Climate Science Misrepresented by President Trump

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Climate Science Misrepresented by President Trump

In a televised interview on Good Morning Britain on June 5, 2019, President Trump questioned the existence of climate change. Asked if he believes in climate change, President Trump said:

“I believe that there’s a change in weather, and I think it changes both ways. Don’t forget, it used to be called global warming, that wasn’t working, then it was called climate change. Now it’s actually called extreme weather, because with extreme weather you can’t miss.”

The President then asserted that weather patterns have changed throughout history, claiming that “forty years ago we had the worst tornado binge we’ve ever had,” and “in the 1980s we had our worst hurricanes.” The President’s statements suggest he does not accept the scientific consensus that climate change is occurring and contributing to more frequent and severe extreme weather events.

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  • Nina says:

    He’s never been big on facts, or had a strong intellect. NinaI’m not sure WHAT his good qualities are, but he’s NOT presidential and certainly doesn’t speak for MY nation.

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