EPA Website Relaunched Without Climate Change Materials

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EPA Website Relaunched Without Climate Change Materials

A study by the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative found that, approximately three months after removing the “Climate and Energy Resources for State, Local and Tribal Governments” page from its website, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) relaunched it as the “Energy Resources for State, Local and Tribal Governments.” The new site omitted multiple links to materials aimed at helping local officials prepare for climate change. Approximately fifteen references to “climate change” were removed from the main page alone. EPA also removed over 200 sub-pages discussing the risks of climate change and the different approaches states are taking to curb greenhouse gas emissions emissions. Examples of statewide plans to adapt to climate change were also removed.

Following publication of the changes, seven Democratic senators wrote to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt requesting that the previous website be “immediately reinstate[d]” and that an explanation be provided for its initial removal. Administrator Pruitt did not respond to the letter.

Update: On February 27, 2018, members of the House of Representatives Safe Climate Caucus wrote to President Trump to protest the removal of climate change information from EPA and other agency websites. The Caucus members expressed “concern” that the removals “fundamentally interfere with the American public’s ability to access reliable information” about climate change and thus may “violate the intent of the Federal Records Act.”


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