Explanation: Bias and Misrepresentation

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Explanation: Bias and Misrepresentation

2018-04-12 Use of Science in EPA Air Pollution Programs Restricted US EPA, White House Bias and Misrepresentation Other

President Trump signed a memorandum directing the EPA Administrator to make changes to certain air pollution programs. The changes have implications for the use of science in developing and implementing air pollution protections.

2018-03-28 EPA Talking Points Misrepresent Climate Science US EPA Bias and Misrepresentation, Government Censorship Climate

EPA’s Office of Public Affairs issued a set of approved talking points on climate change. The talking points appear to be intended to cast doubt on the scientific consensus on climate change, with one stating “[w]hile there has been extensive research . . . clear gaps remain,” including in “our understanding of the role of human activity” in contributing to climate change.

2018-03-23 Charters of BLM Advisory Councils Revised US DOI Bias and Misrepresentation, Research Hindrance Climate, Other

DOI revised the charters of twenty-one resource advisory councils responsible for advising the Bureau of Land Management. Under the revised charters, councils are required to “provide recommendations for implementation” of various executive orders and secretarial orders, leading to concerns that they will be put “in a position of implementing an agenda rather than providing solid advice.”

2018-03-19 EPA’s Use of Scientific Studies Restricted US EPA Bias and Misrepresentation Other

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced a so-called “science transparency policy” that would prevent studies based on non-public scientific data being used in agency rulemakings.

2018-02 Climate Science Misrepresented by EPA Administrator US EPA Bias and Misrepresentation Climate

In an interview on a Nevada television station, EPA Administrator misrepresented climate research indicating that rising temperatures will have widespread negative impacts, suggesting that they could actually be positive.

2018-01-28 Climate Science Misrepresented by President Trump White House Bias and Misrepresentation Climate

During an international television appearance, aired on ITV, President Trump misrepresented scientific data regarding climate change. The President made several incorrect statements, including suggesting that global temperatures are not increasing, and sea ice cover is not declining.

2017-12-18 Climate Change Dropped from National Security Strategy White House Bias and Misrepresentation Climate

President Trump unveiled a new National Security Strategy, which omitted “climate change” from a list of global threats.

2017-12-18 Findings of EPA Advisory Committee Misrepresented US EPA Bias and Misrepresentation Other

In a letter to Senator Tom Udall, EPA misrepresented the findings of the Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee, in relation to the need to delay certain provisions of the Agricultural Worker Protection Standard.

2017-11 EPA Giving Preference to Industry-Backed Science US EPA Bias and Misrepresentation Climate

EPA proposed to repeal emissions standards for freight trucks based on research funded by the biggest truck manufacturer challenging the standards.

2017-10 Chemical Rules Adopted by EPA Against Scientific Advice US EPA Bias and Misrepresentation Other

EPA rewrote certain chemical rules against the advice of agency scientists who warned that the changes may result in an “underestimation of the [chemicals’] potential risks to human health and the environment”

2017-09 Data Omitted from Crime Report US DOJ Bias and Misrepresentation Other

The FBI’s 2016 Crime in the United States report contained almost 70% fewer data tables than the 2015 report.

2017-08 EPA Staff Forced to Prioritize Industry “Wish List” US EPA Bias and Misrepresentation Other

EPA staff have been directed to prioritize industry requests for changes to environmental regulations. Many of the requested changes are contrary to agency scientific research.

2017-07 Human Role in Climate Change Downplayed by NOAA US DOC Bias and Misrepresentation Climate

A NOAA news release publicizing the Annual Greenhouse Gas Index noted the index has increased 40% since 1990 but, unlike previous releases, failed to attribute this increase to human activity.

2017-05 Scientific Advice on Chemical Disregarded by EPA US EPA Bias and Misrepresentation Other

EPA denied a petition to ban Chlorpyrifos, a chemical widely used as a pesticide, against the advice of top agency scientists who had warned that exposure exceeds safe levels in many areas.

2017-03-29 Climate Science Criticized in Congressional Hearing Congress Bias and Misrepresentation, Research Hindrance Climate

At a hearing of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, Rep. Lamar Smith criticized climatologists, asserting that they often “operate outside the principles of the scientific method.” Rep. Smith also questioned the accuracy of climate projections, saying that constitute “[a]larmist predictions [that] amount to nothing more than wild guesses.”

2017-03-09 Climate Science Misrepresented by EPA Administrator US EPA Bias and Misrepresentation Climate

In an interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt misrepresented climate science, suggesting that scientists have not established that greenhouse gas emissions are the primary cause of climate change.

2017 EPA Staffers Frozen Out of Decision-Making US EPA Bias and Misrepresentation Climate

EPA staffers are being frozen out of decision-making in their areas of expertise, with political appointees making decisions instead.