Explanation: Research Hindrance

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Explanation: Research Hindrance

2018-01-17 NIEHS Director’s Involvement in Scientific Study Investigated Congress Government Censorship, Research Hindrance Other

The House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology announced it was reviewing the involvement of Dr. Linda Birnbaum, the director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, in a study of federal toxics regulation and requested that HHS also commence a review.

2017-12-28 New Grants Process Adopted by DOI US DOI Budget Cuts, Research Hindrance Other

DOI staff were directed to ensure that grants to outside groups promote the Trump Administration’s policies and have certain grants of $50,000 or more approved by political appointees.

2017-11 Research into Sea-Ice Cover Obstructed by Congress Congress Research Hindrance Climate

Congress ordered the dismantling of a back-up satellite needed to investigate the impact of climate change on sea-ice in the poles.

2017-08 EPA Grants Reviewed by Political Appointee US EPA Budget Cuts, Research Hindrance Climate

EPA announced that it will require new and certain existing grants to be approved by a political appointee, who has told staff he is looking for references to “climate change.”

2017-01-25 EPA Scientists’ Research Subject to Review Before Publication US EPA Government Censorship, Research Hindrance Climate, Other

The head of communications for the EPA transition team indicated that agency scientists would be required to have their research reviewed before publication.