References to “Climate Change” Removed from EPA Document

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References to “Climate Change” Removed from EPA Document

In or around March 2019, the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) removed several references to “climate change” fromĀ a guidance document on “planning for natural disaster debris.” The document was drafted by the Environmental Protection Agency and submitted to OIRA for review. During review, OIRA staff deleted several references to “climate change,” including in the following paragraph:

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  • Dreighton Rosier says:

    Scientific American issue May 2019 shows a terrific graphic I would like to share with friends on Facebook. A note at the bottom of the page attributes it to Is there a web page url I might reference to share it with friends on Facebook?

    • sabinadmin2 says:

      The graphic was prepared by Scientific American, based on data from the Silencing Science Tracker. We do not have a web-version of it, but expect Scientific American will publish one soon.

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