Research into Industrial Hemp Prevented by Nevada Governor

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Research into Industrial Hemp Prevented by Nevada Governor

On March 8, 2017, Nevada Governor Susana Martinez vetoed House Bill 144 which authorized the New Mexico Department of Agriculture to adopt rules for research into industrial hemp. Such research is currently prohibited under New Mexico law. A majority of legislators in the New Mexico House of Representatives and Senate support lifting the ban, so as to allow research into the use of hemp for products such as textiles, insulation materials, and animal food.

Governor Martinez did not provide an explanation as to why she was vetoing House Bill 144.

UpdateOn August 11, 2017, the First Judicial District Court in Nevada invalidated Governor Martinez’s veto of House Bill 144 and nine other bills. The court held that the Governor did not follow proper procedure when vetoing House Bill 144 because she did not an explanation for her decision.

On April 25, 2018, the Nevada Supreme Court upheld the decision of the First Judicial District Court.


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